Don’t Wait Until It’s too Late

Many times we have heard that people “aren’t ready” for our services yet. Or “I don’t need you yet”. We think you should WANT us BEFORE you NEED us. If you NEED our services it generally means that you have already experienced the traumatic injury and your mobility and accessibility to parts of your home have been hindered. So the time to install the grab bars and accessible bathing options is now.

The most common injury from a slip and fall in an elderly person is a broken hip. With a broken hip, according to one source, the average hospital stay is 7 days. While in the hospital you are at added risk for infection and pneumonia. Of course there is the pain. But we can’t really put a dollar amount or any other form of measurement on pain. We just all know we would like to avoid it at all costs. With a broken hip there will be the pain from the injury itself, the pain following the surgery and the pain experienced during the long months of exercise and rehab.

During recovery your mobility will also be limited. Little things we take for granted will have to be carefully monitored like sitting, bending, twisting or crossing your legs. You will even have to be careful with how you lie in bed and sleep. The list of restrictions does not end here.

So we say, do everything you can to avoid the fall in the first place. Having your grab bars installed now doesn’t mean you are getting older, it means you are getting smarter. It means you are ahead of the pack. While those around you are working through their recovery you can be enjoying your time and money on fun activities.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend a few hundred dollars to have the grab bars installed, then spend the rest of the time and money on something I really love to do.