Denise N., Homeowner, Huntington Beach

Dear Aging-In-Place Remodeling,
We imagine that there are a few couples who come out of a remodel of their home that upon its completion say, “Boy, that was fun!” There are bound to be moments when they look at each other and say, “What were we thinking?” And yet the final results can leave them feeling that it was definitely worth it.

In our case it was a pleasure working with Tyler from the beginning to the end of the process. His approach can be characterized as creative, thoughtful, well organized and professional. He began with a careful assessment of our ideas about the remodel. Following the assessment was the development of a plan. Then came the implementation phase. As with most well conceptualized plans, ongoing monitoring and coping with unexpected occurrences (such as black mold in the kitchen), there were a number of revisions along the way. We could count on his careful evaluation of his progress along the way.

Combined with his professional approach, Tyler has an easy going style of communication that allows for good problem solving thereby alleviating as much as possible the stress inherent in remodeling. We stayed in our home the entire time. Tyler always took care to clean up at the end of the day to make our living space as comfortable as possible. He was careful to make us aware of next steps. Suggestions were offered in the context of useful information with no implied pressure. Even our dog who tends to be highly selective on who she allows into her world was soon standing at the window wagging her tail when Tyler’s truck pulled up in the morning.

Before our remodel, we had heard horror stories. Typically friends talked about jobs taking two to four times longer that initially planned. Tyler, even with a few setbacks, was close to the mark. So, while our remodel was not exactly fun, it was a very positive experience working with Tyler. We highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a remodel of their home.