Learn How to Grow Your “Aging-In-Place” Business 


It has been 14 years since Aging-In-Place Remodeling first opened its doors.  In that time, we have learned a few things about the “aging-in-place market”.  Back when we started there were no companies doing “aging-in-place” work.  In fact, the term itself was only a few years old and almost no one had heard of it.  Because there were no leaders in the industry and we had no available “mentors” we had to forge our own path.  As time passed we realized this forging on our own path had given as valuable insight.  We quickly learned what worked and what did not work with this market.  While it took a few years to really get rolling we have come to find great success in the aging-in-place industry.   

Having been one of the early adopters of aging-in-place we have become a leader in the market in both our innovative approach to marketing and unparalleled customer-service.  It is this knowledge and experience that has led us to do consulting all over the country.  We have been hired by individual business-owners as well as national retailers who were looking to better understand how they can find their edge in this burgeoning market.   Our consulting seminar directly addresses how your company can situate itself and differentiate itself to experience the full potential the market offers.  Keep in mind that the “aging-in-place” market is just beginning to see real growth and the demographics of this country are going to continue to grow over the next 30+ years.  

While many people know about the “baby-boomers” and the explosion that the US is seeing in those 55+, many are uncertain how to capture their share of the market.  After several years of being contacted by building professionals all across the country who want to know what it takes to succeed, we began to put together a comprehensive course that talks directly to you or your company and explains the nuances of the aging-in-place market. We will share with you the many experiences, both bad and good, and how we were able to use them to learn and ultimately grow. Whether you are just starting out and want to figure out if this market is right for you; or if you are already pursuing the aging-in-place market and are frustrated with your lack of business, our consulting is tailored to fit your goals. We have been able to assist many building professionals and those specializing in working with seniors by giving them insight into various ways to approach the market and thus substantially reduce the amount of time and money they were going to spend on fruitless efforts. 

We offer our consulting and seminars in a variety of manners.  We offer 1, 2, and 3-day courses depending on how in-depth attendees are interested in going.  For the one-day, 6 hour seminar, we will either Skype, have attendees come to our facility, or we can travel to your location.  The 2 and 3 day courses are more hands-on and must be done either at our offices or yours.  No matter which seminar is chosen we customize the presentation specifically for your goals.  Contact us below to start realizing your companies full potential.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Introduction to Aging-In-Place Remodeling
  • Why you will have to address the aging-in-place market at some point to be successful
  • Common myths about advertising to the aging-in-place market
  • Assistance structuring your company for this new market
  • Problems faced when adding the aging-in-place market as a “secondary” service
  • Branding your company for the market
  • How to get in with local hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (who you need to talk to and what you need to say)
  • How to use other Health Care Providers to promote your business
  • How to get aging-in-place clients by using the internet
  • Type of products that clients and health professionals are requesting
  • Products my company uses and why
  • How products and their manufacturers can help you succeed

All attendees will receive a binder at the start of the seminar which contains an outline of the course, including areas for notes, and product literature.

The seminar runs from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and has a 45 minute lunchtime and two 10 minute breaks during the day.