Bath Lifts

Bathlifts are an excellent option for homeowners who enjoy soaking in a bathtub but find getting down and then back out of a tub prohibitive.  These lifts are designed to fit most bathtubs and simply sit in your current bathtub without need for mechanical fastening to the tub in any manner.  Suction cup feet secure the lift during use and all controls are completely waterproof.  Bathlifts come with flaps on the side of the seat that fold-down and allow the user to slide gently from the tub edge onto the seat.  These flaps then fold up as the lift glides down into the tub.   Our bathlifts are an excellent way to regain your independence without the cost and hassle of having to remodel. 

Standard Features on Our Bath Lifts 

  • 4 quick release suction cups for anti-slip bath base 
  • Typically can go as low as 2.5” above tub floor 
  • Built in safety controls – wont lower if there is not enough battery life to raise back up 
  • Completely tool free set up makes it easy to install and operate 
  • Hygienic cutaway and slim line profile for easy handling 
  • Padded seat and backrest  
  • Seat height reaches up to 18″ 
  • The backrest reclines for ultimate comfort 
  • The completely water tight hand control floats, making it easy to access the control buttons while bathing 
  • The easy to use quick charge lithium-ion battery is accommodated in the Hand Control 
  • Bathlifts typically weigh around 21 lbs. – making them easy to install and remove 
  • Two piece construction allows the lifts to be assembled/disassembled for transport 
  • Washable hygienic covers  
  • When not in use, back easily folds down for space-saving storage 
  • Suction cups adhere to smooth surfaces only, and not textured surfaces 
Bath Lifts